Hire COBOL Developers

Hire Cobol Developers

We are a talented team of developers who are experts in both legacies (COBOL, IBM i, AS400) and modern platforms (IBM Mainframe, AS400 Delphi, etc). Our clients include both SME and Fortune 500 companies. Our team has experience in banking, finance, manufacturing, e-Commerce and insurance domains.

Our team can help you develop, support, maintain and migrate any new or existing projects. Our engagement models are flexible with attractive price points. We offer unique “Try before you hire” with no upfront. We have excellent customers’ references and testimonials.

Hire Us As Your Custom Cobol Developers

Dedicated Cobol Developers Who Bring Cost-effective, Valuable Support to Match Your Business Needs


Mainframe Applications

Our programmers develop, test, and deploy business applications in COBOL for mainframe computers. Our services include engineering mission-critical applications and systems, modernized interfaces, software security, and ensured availability.


Maintenance & Migration

Our programmers are experts in complete software development lifecycle services. We update and maintain legacy COBOL software, or migrate to newer technologies. Our expertise includes all versions of COBOL, Visual Cobol, Java, .NET, SQL, and more. We adhere to ISO / IEC standards for COBOL development.


Industry Specialties

Our programmers have experience in a variety of industries, including banking, finance, insurance, utilities, transportation and more. Hire an expert with experience in your industry’s regulations and standards, plus COBOL expertise to deliver the highest quality software.

Why Cobol For My Project?

A longstanding language that runs many business systems, your business may already use COBOL (common business-oriented language) but as one of older, tried-and-true languages, you may need experts help your business protect and scale current systems. COBOL, a compiled, English-like computer programming language was first designed for Department of Defense operations and adapted for large-transaction and process uses in business. It is imperative, procedural and object-oriented. COBOL-2014 is the latest revision; object-oriented features were added in COBOL-2002. With the advent of newer languages, the demand for COBOL programmers has become competitive. If your business needs mainframe COBOL coders, Programmers.io teams can support you.

Advantages of COBOL;

  • Widely-used.
  • Portable, hierarchical, and maintainable.
  • Robust with many tools to aid with testing, debugging, and analysis.
  • Handles huge processing volumes with ease.
  • Still widely used for mainframes in major industries. With billions of lines of COBOL code running systems, coders maintaining the systems keep national and international transportation, insurance, and banking systems up-to-date. Estimates claim over three million programmers code and support it. DevOps reports that even in 2014 reports that 80% of the world’s business run COBOL, though its oldest version is nearly 60 years old. With over 200 billion lines of code in operation, coders add 5 billion lines more annually.
  • Still widely used for 80% of critical business applications and even more banking and government mainframes. While it excels in these fields, contemporary COBOL coding requires security maintenance and innovation.
  • Easy to read code, its high-level English-like syntax in four divisions. It includes appendices, cross-reference tables, chapters, footnotes and paragraphs. Designed to be self-documenting and to appeal to proponents of readability, it offers 43 statements, 87 functions and one class for portability.
  • High portability reduces need for re-compilation.

Scale YourDevelopment Team

Programmers.io helps you execute projects by providing trusted Cobol developers who can join your team and immediately start delivering high-quality applications to help your business grow. Hire COBOL Developers


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