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AS400 Modernization

IBM iSeries/AS400 Modernization helps customers to modernize IBM iSeries (AS/400, System i) applications to web based application. We can help converting Green screen UI to GUI based UI by retaining business logic as is. We help them to improve their front end part to make it more users friendly. We help our customers to retain its value while modernizing their legacy applications and interfaces to better meet today’s business challenges.


  • UI Modernization and enhancements
  • Application support services
  • Database Modernization
  • Application Modernization
  • 24/7 Support Services worldwide
  • IT planning

Modernization Options

  • Re-facing – Retaining business logic as is, and adding Web GUI to existing applications in the front end.
  • Re-engineering – Enhancing existing applications and interfacing with modern applications
  • Replacement – Replacing existing AS/400 based applications with newer applications on more modern platforms, based on Java, Microsoft .NET, PHP or any open source technology
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AS/400 Modernization Tools

Profound Logic

  • Profound UI – Tool for graphic intensive DDS screens.
  • Profound.js – Modernize legacy RPG applications using Node.js.
  • JumpStart – Quickly produce code without starting from scratch
  • Genie – Refacing tool for 5250 green-screen applications.
  • Atrium – Convert green screen menu into easy-to-use browser interface.



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